American Women Shooters Mentorship Event Registration
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AWSM! Sun Feb 10 BANGO! 2P-5P
AWSM! Members: $0!
Location: AWSM! Clubhouse @ Freedom Range
Union Ridge Road
Burl NC 27217.

A.W.S.M! Event Rules:
1. Firearms Safety is PARAMOUNT!
I agree to ALWAYS abide by the American Womens Shooter Mentorship Range Safety Rules & Range Safety Officers requests.
I understand that the use of firearms is inherently dangerous and that any unsafe use of them could result in death or serious bodily harm. As a prerequisite to membership or participation, I agree to follow all safety rules set forth by my the Range Safety Officer and that my willful disregard of them will result in my immediate dismissal.
I further agree to hold A.W.S.M! Inc harmless for any accidents or injuries which may occur. I agree to report any safety violations that I may witness to my RSO immediately so that we can take immediate action to insure the safety of other students.
Print & mail no later than 5 days prior to the event to A.W.S.M!
1964 Stoney Creek Church Rd Burl NC 27217.
(   )INITIAL here to indicate Rules have been Read, Understood and Agreed.
Payment Methods: Cash, Money Order, or PayPal to
Email: or
Mail To: A.W.S.M!
1964 Stoney Cr Ch Rd
Burlington NC 27217